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Woodstock is a name known all over the world. The music of the Woodstock generation crossed all borders: national, ethnic, cultural, and religious. It unified us all, and shouted out “Why can’t we all just get along with each other!”

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Since the original Woodstock Music Festival, many folks around the world have developed similar events. Przystanek Woodstock, Spirit of Woodstock Festival and Rainbow Gathering, Boonstock Music & Arts Festival, Trutnov Open Air Festival are just a few of these.

Music Festivals Around the World

On August 15 - 18 1969, the most celebrated music festival in history took place. Nearly 500,000 people from across the country gathered to to enjoy what was billed as "Three Days of Peace and Music". Woodstock Music and Art Fair, held at Max Yasgur's dairy farm in Bethel, New York, became a symbol of an entire generation, and an icon for those that followed.

Richie Havens, The Grateful Dead, Santana, Joe Cocker, Jefferson Airplane, The Who, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, Janis Joplin and, of course, Jimi Hendrix were just a few of the many vastly talented artists to perform.

Woodstockmusic.com is designed to fulfill all your music needs. We cover the peace and love music of the original Woodstock concert in 1969, guitars and other instruments, amplifiers, recording studios, artists, etc. We also offer other types of music, too, e.g... Elvis, the Beatles, Roy Orbison, Rockabilly, Country, Dixieland jazz, and even classical and current pop music. (We realize music lovers can have more than one love.)